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Pewter Dice: a set of three cast pewter (lead free) dice to resemble dice formed from musket balls in the field. Simple instructions included
$5.50 per set
pewter dice
Clay Marbles: - set of 10 targets and one shooter in a leather bag, comes with a brief history and simple instructions
$9.00 per set
clay marbles
Playing Cards: Hardy - a simple set of playing cards for the working class. These cards are reproduced on heavy card stock with traditional markings - minus the numbers of course (who can read them anyway?).
$12.00 per pack
plating cards 
Bilbo Catcher: a challenging toy for those with the steadiest of hands - two challenges in one - beginners can catch the ball on a small platform, while the more skilled can try to catch it on a small post.
$12.00 each
Cup and Ball: similar to the Bilbo, but much easier, this toy challenges the user to catch the ball in a cup on the end of a stick - no problem - once you learn the secret...
$12.00 each
Ninepins: a simple bowls game that can be played on any flat smooth surface.  Comes with  two wooden balls and strangely enough - nine pins.
$16.50 each
Whip top toy: a challenging toy that requires the user to whip the top to keep it spinning.
$8.50 each
whip top toy
Graces:  so named because it was traditionally played by young ladies and when played well has a very graceful nature - but don't let the name fool you - this can become a challenging competitive game, as the players try to shoot the hoop higher and farther than the opponent
$26.00 each
game of graces
Jacks:  the  traditional game - comes with simple rules card, a wooden and a rubber ball, and a fist full of lead free pewter jacks.
$10.00 per set
jacks game
Jacob's Ladder:  this fun and creative toy will kept the youth in you as you watch the blocks fall, or as you try to create a new and
$12.00 each
Maple Fife:  This is a wonder traditional instrument with a great sound! Made of maple with brass ferrules.  Key of Bb it is suitable from 14th century to the 19th.
$21.50 each
Jaw Harp:  a wonderfully amusing little instrument. Also known as a juice harp because there is sometimes a tendency to make you drool while playing.  Approx 8.5cm (31/2") long it comes with instructions for use.
$9.00 each
Tin Whistle:  in the key of D, this simple instrument is capable of providing hours of entertainment to the skilled and novice alike - 30cm (12") long and complete with instructions and fingering chart. Sorry parents - no ear plugs...
$8.00 each
Signal Whistle:  a nicely pitched wooden whistle - originally used for signalling infantrymen on the lines, this 41/2" reproduction can be used for many things - like a dinner bell
$9.00 each
wooden signal whistle
Powdered Ink:  simply mix with water to form an ink that is a replica of inks used to about the mid nineteenth century.
$6.50 each
powdered ink
Goose Quill: a traditional tool for writing - works well with our powdered ink, ink well and quill holder
goose quill
Cutty Pipe:  c. 1800s English white clay pipe, a plain bowl with overall length of 13cm (5") and a yellow tip.
$13.50 each
cutty pipe
Eagle Claw Pipe:  English white clay pipe with an eagle's claw supporting the bowl - 13cm (5") long.
$16.00 each
eagle claw pipe
Elizabethan Pipe:  c. 1600s English white clay pipe 11cm (41/2") long.
$13.50 each
Elizabethan pipe
Farmer (Social Cutty) Pipe: c. 1700's English white clay pipe, 19cm (71/2") long with a red tip.
$13.50 each
Farmer pipe
Fox & Grapes Pipe:  English white clay pipe featuring a fox eating grapes off the bowl -  13cm (5") long.
$16.00 each
fox and grapes pipe
Georgian Pipe: English white clay pipe, plain bowl, 16cm (6") long with a green tip.
$13.50 each
Georgian pipe
Pipe - Clay, hand made:  these distinctive pipes are all hand made with a variety of designs on the bowl, including simple geometric, snakes and skulls.  An Iroquois design.
$18.00 each
hand made clay pipe
Tavern (Churchwarden) Pipe:  when new these pipes measure 40cm (16") long. As each tavern patron uses the pipe, the tip is broken off, leaving a "clean" mouthpiece for the next user.
$16.00 each
tavern pipe

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