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Beaver Club Medallion:  After spending a winter in the "interior" of the continent, a gentleman was permitted to join the Beaver Club. A medal was struck with the owner's name and the year and served as notice of membership.
$16.00 each
Beaver Club medallion
1812 English Half Penny:  hand-made reproduction in copper
$4.50 each
1814 English Half Penny:  hand-made reproduction in copper
$4.50 each
Spanish Dollar:  this coin became known as "pieces of eight", because the coin was often divided in parts to make a part dollar. Eight pieces make a dollar - two pieces, (or bits) make a quarter etc.   Cast in lead-free pewter.
$4.50 each
Sage bundle: bundles average about 20cm (8") long
$4.00 each

Sweet grass braid:  harvested annually the size, diameter and "sweetness" varies depending on the season.
$4.00 each

sweet grass braid

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