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Candle Mold:  A very nice mold for you to create your own tapers. Makes six candles approximately 25cm (10") long.

45-5100 $42.00 each
Tin Look Cooking Bowls: These are very nice straight sided bowls. Made from brushed stainless steel so they have a nice tin look, but you won't have ot worry about them rusting. After some loving use only you will know they are not tin. Available in three sizes.

42-0610 Soup bowl 15cm x 5.7cm (6" x 2 1/4")  $12.50 each
42-0612 Mixing bowl  23cm x 10cm (9" x 4")  $21.00 each
42-0614 Small wash basin 25cm x 7.6cm (10" x 3")  $21.00 each
Copper Corn Boiler: Copied from an historic design, this handy container has a bail for hanging, a handle for holding and a hinged lid, so it never gets lost. Made of copper with a tin lining to make it food safe. 700mL (24oz)

40-9575 $60.00 each
Copper Cup: a basic design mug made of copper with a tin lining. 470mL (16oz)

40-9530 $22.00 each
Copper Rum Ration: A lovely addition to any camp, especially if you want to be sure everyone gets an equal share. Made from copper with a food safe tin lining. 5cm x 5.7cm 1/2 gill  59mL (2" x 2.25" 2 oz)

40-8010 $19.00 each
Cooking Utensils: A lovely set of basic cooking utensils for any camp. Available in individual pieces or as a set of 4. Approx. 45cm (18") long.

42-0214 spatula $24.00 each
42-0216 spoon $24.00 each
42-0218 ladle $27.20 each
42-0212 fork $22.80 each
42-0210 4 pc set $95.00 each
Folding Fire Grate: A convenient grill to perfectly sear that prized piece of meat or simply keep a pot on a level surface. Four folding legs retract for easy packing. 50cm x 30cm (20" x 12")

48-0204 $34.00 each
Folding Skillet: Ever try to pack a skillet only to have the handle always sticking out and getting caught on everything. This skillet solves that problem with a handle that folds away to make a compact packable pan. When extended the weight of the pan keeps the handle in place. Insert a stick to extend the length. 23cm x 2.5cm (9" x 1")

48-0310 $31.00 each
Round Tin Boxes: Useful for so many things, these light tin boxes are sure to find a place in any camp. Available in three sizes.

43-0802 5cm 30mL (2" 1oz) $2.50 each
43-0803 7.6cm 118mL (3" 4oz)  $3.50 each
43-0804 10cm 236mL (4" 8oz) $5.00 each
Double Ship Lantern: Just like our standard ship lantern, but larger and brighter. Made of antiqued pierced tin, with a glass front this lantern uses two candles and measures 38cm (15") tall. Perfect for those late night social events.

45-5021 $65.00 each
Double Ridge Pole Hook: Designed to fit over a standard tent ridge pole this double hook is useful to store your wardrobe, hang a lantern or two or anything else you need hung.  5cm (2") wide

48-0601 $15.00 each
Dice: A pair of basic dice. Available in bone or horn.

50-2004 bone $5.25 pair
50-2008 horn $5.25 pair
Damascus Razor: This is a lovely folding razor. The 10cm (4") Damascus steel blade folds nicely into a horn handle. Nice to look at, almost too nice to use.

39-7982 $49.00 each
Large Journal:  A simple leather bound journal with approx. 180 pages. Measures about 20cm x 12cm (8" x 5").

56-0124 $32.00 each
Small Journal:  A simple leather bound journal with appox 180 pages. Measures about 15cm x 10cm (6" x 4")

56-0122 $16.00 each
Rolled Journal:  We all know that no matter how hard we try, the camp journal will end up squished into some corner of a pack or case. This journal comes pre rolled so it takes away that worry. Measures about 15cm x 12cm (8" x 5") when laid flat. Approx 180 pages

56-0120 $34.00 each

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