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shirts, pants, dresses, moccasins, patterns etc.

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tents, cooking and eating implements, lanterns, etc.

books, music, toys, pipes, etc.

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Babiche: this traditional rawhide material comes in strips about 9mm (1/3") wide - great for a variety of uses - drums, snowshoes, chairs etc.
Available in two lengths:
$4.00 per1m (39") length
$79.00 per 30m (100') length
Chevron bead: these medium sized beads are hand made the traditional method - adding layers of coloured glass rods to the base until the desired result is achieved. They cost more but are much nicer than painted beads.
blue $1.50 each
green $1.50 each

Crow bead: these glass beads are available in a variety of solid colours - blue, black, white, red, green, turquoise
$6.50 100g bag
$12.00 250g bag

crow beads
Mini crow bead: these are the same beads as above, only slightly smaller.  Available in solid colours only.
blue, black, white, red, green, turquoise
$6.50 per 100g
$12.00 per 250g
 mini crow
10/0 seed bead:  the most common bead used in beadwork. These are available in solid colours: blue, black, white, red, green, yellow, orange
$3.00 per 100g
$6.00 per 250g
seed beads
Solid brass bead: these measure about 4mm (1/8") in diameter with a hole large enough to accommodate a small leather lace.
$0.25 each
$2.00 per 10
$15.00 per 100

Hawk bells: a medium sized brass bell approx 3cm (11/4") in diameter. Great sound!
$1.00 each
hawk bell
Pill box: these plain unfinished wooden boxes are perfect for stashing all sorts of goodies. An attractive shape makes it perfect for a hand painted finish. Approximately 3cm (11/4") in diameter.
$2.00 each
pill box
Powder boxes: fashioned in the same style as the pill boxes these are a little larger.  Small is about 5cm (2") and large about 7cm ( 23/4") in diameter
small $3.00 each
large $4.50 each
powder boxes
4 hole button: a simple and attractive design.  These are available in a variety of sizes and materials.
1.5" brass - each $1.75
1.5" copper - each $2.00
1.5" nickel - each $2.50
brass button
Antler buttons: a real classy touch to finish a hand sewn shirt.  These buttons are cut on a slight diagonal for an oblong shape, from deer antlers.
$1.00 each
$3.75 per 5

antler buttons
Pewter buttons: A flat pewter button with a cast loop on back for fastening. Approximately 1cm (1/2") in diameter.
$1.25 each
Cow bone slab: great for making your own toys, jewellery, rhythm instruments, etc. Each measures about 3cm wide by 7cm long,  (11/4" x 23/4").
$1.50 each

Cross of Lorraine: hand cast pewter and polished to a smooth finish - with matching chain.
$10.00 each
pewter cross of lorraine
German (trade) silver:  each sheet measures approximately 30cm x 15cm (12" x 6"). Ideal for creating your own trade silver designs or almost any other historic purpose.
$15.00 each
Gorget:  these items are the last remnants of the suit of armour warm by warriors for ages.  The embossed designs are stamped into a lightweight sheet of metal, approximately 10 cm across. Available in a variety of styles and materials.

light embossed brass - $15.00 each
solid brass - $15.00 each
light embossed German silver, French - $15.00 each
German silver - English - $15.00 each
plain nickel - $8.00 each
Black hair pipe: carved from black buffalo horn these pieces are great for a host of craft projects.
0.5" - $2.00 per 10
0.5" - $12.50 per 100
1" - $3.00 per 10
1" - $19.00 per 100
1.5" - $4.00 per 10
1.5" - $28.00 per 100
black hair pipe
White hair pipe: these are carved from white bone and have a slight patina to them - look great!
0.5" - $2.00 per 10
0.5" - $12.00 per 100
1" - $3.00 per 10
1" - $18.00 per 100
1.5" - $4.00 per 10
1.5" - $25.00 per 100
3" - $5.00 per 10
3" - $40.00 per 100
4" - $6.50 per 10
4" - $55.00 per 100
white hair pipe
German silver hat band: measuring about 45cm (18") long these come in various simple geometric various designs in German silver
$45.00 each
Cow horn: these small polished cow horns are great fro small powder or priming horns, or for making a variety of craft goods.  They've even been known to make a discrete beverage container - about 15cm (6") long
$11.00 each
Lace cutting tool: this handy little tool is ideal for cutting leather or rawhide lace. Can cut lace in three widths. Simply start at the centre or the leather and pull the material through the blade producing as much lace as you want.
$25.00 each
lace cutter tool
Glovers needles:  # 5 Glovers for leather - the perfect all round needle for heavy work and repairs
$2.00 per 5
Needle tube:  a wooden tube with tightly fitting top to keep all your pins and needles were they belong.  About 4cm (1.5") long
$1.00 each
needle tube
Chinese scissors:  these have been  made in the same manner for the past 400 years, excellent edge for all cutting almost all materials - brass sheets, leather, canvas.  Easy to sharpen, available in a variety of sizes.
small - about 10cm (4") - $3.00 each
medium - about 15cm (6") - $5.00 each
large - about 18-20cm (7"-8") - $8.00 each
Snippers: a small shears ideal for trimming threads, beards etc. Perfect for every  sewing kit, tool or tackle box.
$3.00 each
$24.00 dozen
Sewing kit:  a simple kit to meet your basic needs all rolled into a canvas case. Includes small scissors, bees wax, sinew, thread, assortment of buttons, needle tube and thimble.
$30.00 each
sewing kit
Sinew:  this artificial material is perfect for all crafts.  Use whole for tough jobs or easily quarter it for general usage.
$3.00 per 15m (50ft)
$16.00 per 225g approx. 210m (1/2 lb  700ft)
$25.00 per 450g approx. 425m (1 lb  1400ft)
artificial sinew
Tinklers (tin cone):  use for enhancing any costume - small quantities to add a little flair - up to a full blown jingle dress.  In time people will recognize your distinct sound!
$1.50 per dozen
$4.50 per 50
$8.00 per 100
tin cones

All prices are shown in Canadian $
and are subject to change without notice.

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