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shirts, pants, dresses, moccasins, patterns etc.

Of course we carry (or will special order) many other items. Just contact us, if you can't find what you are looking for!

Craft Supplies
beads, materials, leather goods, clothing, raw materials, etc.

Camp Goods
tents, cooking and eating implements, lanterns, etc.

books, music, toys, pipes, etc.

Other Assorted Goods
coins, medallions, sweet grass etc.

Holiday Items
tree decorations, lanterns etc.

training, presentations, consulting

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Capot:  the classic historic all purpose coat - melton cloth in a variety of colours. All items are made to order in a full range of sizes. Contact us for availability.
adult's each $105.00
child's each $75.00
Haversack:  a convenient carry all for daily used items. Heavy canvas pouch with another pouch sewn into the flap for extra storage.  Dimensions shown are for closed items.  All have a long shoulder strap.
Small  8" x 10" $18.00 each
Medium 12" x 14"  $20.00 each
Large 16" x 18" $26.00 each
Leg Tie (garters):  a useful accessory for keeping critters from going up your legs, and pants from coming down.  Woven in three colours with the main colour as: red, blue, green
$11.00 per pair
Moccasins:  the universal footwear! These are made of heavy cowhide and a double sole with a thin layer of paddling between. Very practical and comfortable. Available in full sizes for men, women and children.
$65.00 per adult pair
Pants: drop front corduroy. Available in a variety of colours and sizes.  Made to order. Contact us for availability.
$75.00 each
Sash:  woven in three colours with the main colour as: red, blue, black, green, or striped.   All sizes are measured without the end fringes.
Men's - 214cm x 15cm (84"x6")  $16.00 each
Women's - 178cm x 10.5cm (70"x4")  $13.00 each
Youth's - 144cm x 8.5cm (60"x3.25")  $11.00 each
Voyageur Shirt:  100% cotton, loose fitting individually made - a good all round work shirt.  Available in a variety of colours and available in a full range of sizes. Contact us for availability.
adult $60.00 each
children's $40.00 each
Toque:  a woven blend of many colours with the dominant colour being red or blue
$13.00 each

All prices are shown in Canadian $
and are subject to change without notice.

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