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Of course we carry (or will special order) many other items.  Just contact us, if you can't find what you are looking for!


Craft Supplies
beads, materials, leather goods, clothing, raw materials, etc.

shirts, pants, dresses, moccasins, patterns etc.

books, music, toys, pipes, etc.

Other Assorted Goods
coins, medallions, sweet grass etc.

Holiday Items
tree decorations, lanterns etc.

training, presentations, consulting

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Bottle:  this 120mL (4oz) clear bottle is  great for storing things for your kitchen - oils, soaps etc. cork included!
$6.50 each
4 oz bottle
Case Bottle:   A square sided, hand blown, green glass bottle.  This item stands  approximately 23cm (9") high and dates back to 17th century.
$46.00 each
case bottle
Wine Bottle:   This is a hand blown green glass replica, bearing the seal of Joseph Francis. This bottle stands approximately 25cm (10") high. c.1660
$57.00 each
wine bottle
Beer Bottle:  pottery 19th century pattern  - hand made using designs from  archaeological sites - finished inside and out with salt glaze
$22.00 each
beer bottle
Beer Mug:  pottery 18th century pattern - hand made using designs from archaeological sites, finished in lead free glaze - about 350mL (12 oz)
$15.00 each
beer mug
Table Bowl: - pottery 18th century - hand made using designs from  archaeological sites, finished with a traditional, but lead free glaze
$22.00 each
table bowl
Table Plate:  a simple table plate patterned after 18th century artifacts found in French Canada
$24.00 each
table plate
Tin Pitcher:  a large tin pitcher handmade from a traditional pattern.
$70.00 each
tin pitcher
Tin Box:  a simple round box with a snug fitting lid.  Each measures about 25mm (1") deep.
50mm (2") $2.50 each
75mm (3") $3.25 each
100mm (4") $5.00 each
round tin boxes
Cream Canister:  designed to store your cream, this can is a handcrafted tin container designed to keep your goodies fresh and critter free. Also works well with any dry goods, like pancake mix or tea.
$40.00 each
cream can
Dry Goods Canister:  a large tin canister suitable for all dry goods.  Has a snug fitting lid.
$42.00 each
dry goods cannister
Powder Canister:  designed to keep you powder dry and pourable. Holds plenty of powder, but small enough to fit into a haversack, shooting bag, or pocket.
$27.00 each
powder can
Tin Cup:  This is probably one of the most common and traditional items associated with the fur trade. Made from brushed stainless steel that looks like tin, but won't rust.
355 mL (12oz) $10.00 each
950 mL (32oz) $12.00 each
tin cup
Tin Plate:  a hand made tin plate - truly historic design.  approx 25cm (10")
$15.00 each
tin plate
Fire in Five Kit: a complete kit for fire lighting. Includes American flint, simple fire steel, tin box, tinder and instructions to make char cloth.
$18.00 per kit
fire in five set
Fire Steel (striker) & more:  a basic tool. Available in a variety of basic styles.

Basic - a simple C shape with slight curls on the ends. 

Standard - as above but made from old files - harder steel makes hotter, (but smaller), sparks.
$13.50 each

Double monkey tail - a C shape with extra thick striking plate.

Colonial - U shape with thick striking edge.
$13.50 each

Add a flint $2.50 (when purchased with a striker)

Add a 100mm (4") tin box  $3.75 (when purchased with a striker)

fire steels
Flint & Steel Set:  this is a must have for any person portraying any time in the past.  We carry four basic sets, all with a piece of flint so that you can start sparking immediately!

Basic set - with flint - $15.00
Standard set -  with flint - $16.00
Double monkey tail -  with flint - $16.00
Colonial - with flint - $16.00
flit and steel set
Flint Chard:  English flint piece suitable for starting fires for a long time. Can be flaked when your favourite striking edge becomes dull.
$3.75 per piece
english flint chard
Powder Horn:  a classic accoutrement
$26.00 each
powder horn
Pierced Lantern:  pierced tin "barn" or "hurricane" lantern with an antiqued finish.
Antiqued Tin - $55.00 each
pierced tin lantern
Ship Lantern:  pierced tin lantern with a glass front. Throws a lot of light. Available in three models - traditional antiqued tin finish. An all round sturdy lantern! Also available as a double with two candles.

Antiqued Tin - $55.00 each
Double ship lantern - $85.00 each
tin ship lantern

Wood Lantern: a square lantern with four glass panes set into wooden posts and a lift to access candles.  Sold assembled in unfinished pine or as a do it yourself kit without the glass.
complete $30.00 each

kit without glass $20.00
extra glass panels to fit - $3.00 each

wooden lantern
Sundial Compass:  this is a great tool! A sundial and compass all in one. brass c.1750
$35.00 each
sundial compass
Snuff box:  can be used for many purposes, but designed to nicely hold a tin of your favourite snuff
brass - $12.00 each
German silver - $17.00 each
brass suff box
Tinder box:  oval, brass
$20.00 each
oval tinder box
Tinder box 1700:  this is a rectangular box with the corners knocked off so you don't get poked, and a hinged lid - c.1700
brass - $30.00 each
iron - $30.00 each
German silver - $35.00 each
circa 1700 tinder box
English Tobacco box:  an oval box with a hinged lid c. 1790
brass - $35.00 each
German silver - $42.00 each
circa 1790 tobacco box
Tobacco box:  Hudson's Bay Co. design - an oval box with a magnifying lens in the lid.  Useful for so many purposes...
brass - $36.00 each
iron - $35.00 each
German silver - $38.00 each
HBC tobacco box
Horn Spoon:  a nicely shaped spoon carved from horn
$9.50 each
horn spoon
Twisted Fork:  a simple fork made from twisted wire - sometimes called a soldier's fork.
$7.00 each
twisted wire fork
Fork: a two tine fork with a white bone or black horn handle
$14.50 each
table forks
Table Knife:  a plain table knife with a white bone or black horn handle
$14.50 each
table knives
Spoon:  a simple bowl about one tablespoon size with a horn handle
$14.50 each
Spoon:  a simple bowl about one tablespoon size with a bone handle
$14.50 each
Striker/knife:  a nifty tool with a knife blade forged on one end and a fire steel on the other.
$17.00 each
forged striker knife
Crooked (canoe) Knife blade:  a very useful tool for general carving, hollowing. These are made from old files, so the steel is good. Available without a handle so you can craft your own - if you only had a knife...
$13.00 each 
crokked knife blade
Trade Axe:  hand forged head on a 19" hickory handle. Great all round value.
$45.00 each
replacement handle $8.00 each
forged axe head

All prices are shown in Canadian $
and are subject to change without notice.

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