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Serving the Canadian historic re-enactor and historic site, The Agret Shop is your complete supplier of historic goods and accoutrements. Founded in 1995 The Agret Shop strives to provide re-enactors, historic sites, and site and event visitors with quality goods suitable for period living.

The name "The Agret Shop"  has been derived from an historic term used in the fur trade. Voyageurs often carried with them, in their canoes, a kit which was used for repairs and maintenance along their journey. This kit contained many items that could be found along the voyageur's highway, but it was simpler to carry a box already stocked. The French word for this kit was "agres" which generally translates to rigging or tackle. The English normalization of the word became "agret" and at Fort William, the North West Company's inland headquarters, located at the head of Lake Superior, there was a building called the Agret store. This building housed all of the necessary items for the voyageur's journey; pots, axes, sails, bark, spruce gum etc. A sort of voyageur supply warehouse.


Today the word store has taken a generic term referring to a place to purchase your needs. Traditionally the word store means, literally, a place where goods are stored. At The Agret Shop we have no intention of storing goods but rather selling a wide variety of quality goods. As such we use the term "shop". Hence, The Agret Shop is a supplier of goods that the voyageur, re-enactor, historic camper, etc. will need to make their journey through time possible.


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